About Just Mirjam

A distinguished name in educational assessment and perceptual testing, Just Mirjam reaches out to those who need to assess how their child is doing compared to their peers.  Testing takes place in Anne Arundel, Howard and Frederick Counties, or areas within 30 miles of Severna Park.  For a slightly lower price, you may choose to come to the home office in Severna Park.

  Mission Statement

Your child is our client and we are committed to using the experience and expertise to help in understanding the abilities and learning styles of each individual client.  We love working with children and are passionate about our work.


Before you enroll your child in a tutoring program, consider special services, or begin home schooling, first let us help you answer the following questions.  Where is your child academically?  Does your child have perceptual problems that can be solved by compensatory techniques?  Which goals are most important at this time? Let me help you decide where to begin your next step.

Get to Know Me

I, Mirjam Spaar, earned my Bachelor and Master Degrees in both Special Education and Elementary Education at the University of Maryland.  I was a special educator in Anne Arundel County from 1976 to 2015.  Throughout my entire career, I have been assisting children by testing and writing Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals.  Over the course of my career,  I have amassed numerous hours of continuing education which I attend to update my skills.  I hold an advanced certificate as a screener for Irlen Syndrome, also known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome.  To date, I have assessed over 600 children for various learning difficulties and over 100 children and adults for Irlen Syndrome.

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After testing, we will be able to discuss your child's performance based on nationally standardized scores and be able to pinpoint your child's strengths and weaknesses within each area.  In a summary of results, which you will receive within 8 days, we detail these strenghts and weaknesses, and the level they are functioning as related to their peers nationwide.  Also included are targeted goals and a consultation with you to further explain the results.  This information will be valuable in helping parent/guardians make sound, educational decisions such as seeking additional help within the school system, bringing in a tutor, and/or making a new plan altogether.   The reports also serve as key guidelines for home schooling, as well as a helpful resource during parent-teacher conferences.  If necessary, we can also recommend further testing for ADHD, autism, or other learning disabilities. 

Why Choose Just Mirjam for Your Testing Needs