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Academic Testing

We offer a nationally normed education test called the Woodcock-Johnson IV test.  This test measures your child's academic aptitude and helps me understand and analyze your child's strenghths and weaknesses.   Areas assessed include:

Letter-Word Identification                                    Calculation

Reading Fluency                                                        Math Fluency

Passage Comprehension                                       Applied Problems

Word Attack                                                               Number Patterns

Oral Reading                                                               Spelling

Reading Vocabulary                                                 Writing Fluency

Mechanics of Writing                                              Writing Content

Story Recall                                                                General Knowledge in Science, Social Studies, and Humanities

We will also informally test your child using common core curriculum guidelines.



Fees cover the testing session, summary of results, and a consultation to review these results.

Prices are as follows:

          $350 - Woodcock-Johnson IV                    $200 - Informal Screening on Common Core Curriculum Goals

          $125 - Irlen Reading Scale                            $150 per meeting - Advocate Services to Review Results with School System

Perceptual Testing / Irlen Syndrome

The Irlen Syndrome, a perceptual condition akin to dyslexia, can cause difficulties not only in reading, but in all academic areas.  To diagnose this,  we conduct the Irlen Reading Perceptual Scale.  Children dealing with this condition may experience exhaustion or have trouble concentrating after a prolonged period of reading.  They also make mistakes involving reading words above and below the line they are on and making letter and word reversals. Some may actually see movement of print, blurring, halos around the words, or different colors.   Others may experience problems with depth perception or experience physical problems such as headaches, stomach aches, or fatigue.    This is not a vision acuity problem, but one of perception exacerbated by the black and white contrast found in many textbooks and the flourescent lighting found in most schools.  Once we know the results of the testing, we can formulate ways to help your child compensate.

Click to learn more about Irlen Syndrome.

Areas Assessed

After Testing

After giving a thorough educational examination, we will take the information and analyze the client's strengths and weaknesses.  When calculating results, percentages and standard scores will be given using age equivalents.   This will match Maryland's method of evaluating individuals.  We will also give you grade equivalents upon request.  After compiling results, we will set up a follow-up meeting.  If you wish, the report can be sent by email so that you can read it before the consultation.

If the Irlen Perceptual Scale is given in isolation, I can go over the results immediately after the testing and then a formal assessment report will be sent via email or regular mail, depending on your preference.

If both assessments are given, we will return for a consultation and also explain the relationship between the assessments.