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One of the advantages of homeschooling is that you can, within certain parameters, structure a program that is based on your child's individual needs.   Our educational testing service and homeschool assessments can help you determine those needs, set objectives, and help with methods of teaching.

The type of testing provided by Just Mirjam can be very helpful in evaluating your homeschoolers.  Although you are welcome to have your child participate in the county assessments (currently PARCC), you will get more detailed information from an individual evaluation and it will cover more areas of study.  Instead of only reporting grade level goals your child has passed or failed, it'll include goals particular to your child, at his or her instructional level.

For those providing homeschooling for more than one child,  $50 will be deducted for each additional child being tested.  Let me know you are homeschooling or planning on homeschooling and we will provide a list of objectives at no extra cost.